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Generic Propecia

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Thank you

jelly on Oct 9 2017 3:10AM


A friend of Mine Suggested me this website, and I ordered Over Night shipment. Within 10 Minutes of Placing my order, I received a Call asking me to Pay By WesternUnion. I did not want to do that As I have heard an about a lot of Scams done using the Western Union. So I asked him to Charge my Card. I received the Kit in 48 Hours. It was not Over Night, But It was Pretty Fast. Thank You.

best drug

harry jones on Aug 26 2017 1:29AM


I am 43 years old, and was suffering from hair fall. Thanks to generic propecia it helped me to regrow my hair.

Perfect treatment for Natural Hair Growth

Amit Telang on Jun 18 2015 8:07AM


I started taking treatment for hair loss quite late after I have already lost lot of hair. I looked for medication which can inhibit natural hair growth and Propecia was the one which could meet my needs and also was in my budget. It has done wonders and my hair growth is quite fast and natural now.