Vitamin C

Vitamin C

Vitamin C – The vital amines of the body
Vitamins are essential components of the body that play an indispensible role in the various biochemical processes as well as are necessary to carry out a variety of biological activities of the cell. These compounds are amines chemically and sufficient quantities of each and every vitamin are necessary for proper fortification and development and thus, these components are supplied in the form of supplements.


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Vitamin C Action Mechanism
It is a known fact that there are varied types of Vitamins and all of them play a key role in cell metabolism process. The action of each and every vitamin is dependent on its type, function as well as its chemical and physical nature. Hence, whatever may be the action of these components, their crucial role in the body makes them very significant and essential for healthy life.

Vitamin C Dosage 

The factors that play a decisive role on the dosage of the Vitamin C are your age, diet, medical background as well as gender. Although, the normal dose of vitamins in case of deficiency is the intake of a single tablet on a daily basis; the dosage can be adjusted depending on the above factors and through the consultation with your doctor.

Vitamin C Advantages 

The main advantages of Vitamins are its potent and effective role in the everyday activities of the cell and thus they are essential component of the daily diet that can be taken in form of supplements, in case proper amounts are not obtained through diet.

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