Tazarotene ( Tazret )

Tazarotene ( Tazret )


Tazarotene gel is used to treat acne. Tazarotene gel is also use to treat psoriasis. Tazarotene gel functions in such a way that it reduces skin inflammation by acting on retinoic acid receptors. Tazarotene gel contains a active component  that has properties like Vitamin A. Tazarotene gel when applied to the skin changes into the active form, and transforming Tazarotene gel to active form is known as hydrolysis. Tazarotene gel is very useful to aid renewal process of skin and it lightens the skin appearance. Tazarotene gel is very beneficial for the treatment of acne vulgaris. Tazarotene medication reduces the effect of spots which are caused due to acne on skin. Tazarotene gel also reduces scaling of the skin and plaques. Tazarotene gel is also beneficial for curing the redness of skin. In some cases Tazarotene gel is used to heal the skin which is damaged in the sunlight. Tazarotene gel is also use to treat fine wrinkles and dark patches on the skin. Tazarotene gel is approved by U.S FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION (FAD).

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Tazarotene ( Tazret ) 15 gm

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Read the information given on the pack carefully before applying the gel. If you have some problems regarding it you should consult your doctor or the pharmacist. Tazarotene gel should be applied on the skin and should not be taken orally. If taken orally it may lead to severe side effects and then may lead to undergo treatment to cure those. Tazarotene gel should not be applied inside your nose, your mouth or on the lips. If in case gel goes in your eyes you should wash off your eyes with plenty of water so as to avoid the effects of Tazarotene gel.


Before applying Tazarotene gel medication you should clean up your face with mild soap or soap free cleanser. After cleaning up the face let the face dry or pat dry it. After the face dries up take a small amount of gel on your finger but the finger should be cleaned before applying the gel. Apply the gel on the affected skin and be careful that you apply the gel on the affected areas only as it will lead to side effects if applied to non affected areas. Do apply small amount of gel so as it will cure properly the affected skin don’t apply large amount of gel on your skin not going to cure faster in fact it will lead to side effects like irritation and burning of the skin, it may also lead into redness of skin. While you are applying Tazarotene gel medication you need to be away from cosmetics. You should not use oil based make up when you are having Tazarotene gel makeup. There should be no exposure to direct sunlight while using Tazarotene gel medication. Effects reduce with continuous use of the medication.


§  Skin turns Red.

§  Pruritis.

§  Irritation on skin.

§  Peeling of skin.

§  Skin losses it color.

§  Skin infection.

§  Drying of skin.

§  Itching of skin.


Tazarotene gel should be stored in cool and dry place, and should avoid Tazarotene gel from moisture.

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