NuvaRing (Ethinyl Estradiol & Norgestrel)



Nuvaring is used to control the birth option for women. It is a size of a silver dollar. Nuvaring is small flexible. Nuvaring is contraceptive ring. Nuvaring contains of the same components that of the birth control pills. Nuvaring has to be inserted manually into the vagina and has to be kept for three weeks. Nuvaring is removed after three weeks for one week which is the week of your period in which you get mensuration cycle. Nuvaring is the contraception to prevent pregnancy. When this ring is used correctly in proper way the effectiveness of preventing pregnancy that Nuvaring shows is up to ninety eight percent to ninety nine percent. It is just used to avoid pregnancy and it can’t protect you from sexually transmitted disease such as HIV the virus that causes AIDS. Nuvaring is approved by U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

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Nuvaring contains components such as ethinyl estradiol and etonogestrel.


Before using a this ring you need to go through the information leaflet to know how Nuvaring will be used effectively. If you have any concerns or doubts about how to use Nuvaring consult your doctor or pharmacist. Do not use Nuvaring if you are allergic to the components present in Nuvaring. It may cause birth defects do not use Nuvaring if you are pregnant.  Nuvaring should not be used before four weeks if you had a baby. It should not be used if you have untreated or uncontrolled High Blood Pressure. Nuvaring should not be used if you have a blood circulations problems, heart disease, and history of heart attack. This ring should not be used if you have a hormone related cancer such as breast cancer and uterine cancer. Nuvaring should not be used if you are facing the unusual bleeding.


One using the Nuvaring should go through the information leaflet to know how Nuvaring can be used effectively if any concerns you need to consult the doctor or the pharmacist. When you are using the Nuvaring for the first time for the first seven days you need to use some option of birth control as telling your partner to have a protected sex with condom. Ring once inserted in your vagina should be left there for three weeks on the same day of the week when it was inserted and on the same time. Before inserting the new Nuvaring allow one full week to pass away. One who is using Nuvaring the mensuration cycle or period should start when Nuvaring is not inserted into vagina. Insert the new Nuvaring in the same day itself at the same time when it was inserted into your vagina for first time, insert even if your mensuration cycle or periods have not stopped. It will not control the unwanted pregnancy if you insert the ring during the time of intercourse or during the time you have sex. This ring must be into your vagina for three full weeks followed by one week without the ring in vagina. The timing of inserting the Nuvaring into the vagina and removing it is very important so as to show the effectiveness of birth control. Nuvaring should not be removed while having intercourse or sex. If while having intercourse or sex if its bothering you, one need to remove it rinse it with warm water and reinsert it into your vagina after having a sexual intercourse. Nuvaring should not be left out for more than three hours.


  • Headache
  • Weight gain
  • Vomiting
  • Pain in Breast
  • Irritation in Vagina


It should be stored in room temperature away from heat, moisture and light. Disposal of used Nuvaring should be done by placing it in the foil pouch in which you bought it, and throw it away from the reach of children and pets, do not flush the used ring in toilet.

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