Terms and Conditions

We request our customers to kindly go through the Terms and Conditions before proceeding to the booking service. By agreeing with the site’s terms and conditions, the customers will be provided an authorized and safe approach. Every work including the texts and logos are owned by us and protected by patent laws and IPR (Intellectual Property Rights). This measure is employed to make our association safe, secured, legal and trustworthy with the customers.

  1. Mandatory allowance of customers above 18 years. No access is provided to any individual who is found below 18 years of age.
  2. Our drugs advertised and provided in the site are in accordance to the rules laid down by the FDA.
  3. We deal only with online selling and are not the manufacturer. We are the legal wholesaler.
  4. Any use, publication, distribution, modification, transmission or licensing of information provided in the website or any mode of selling of products is strictly prohibited.
  5. Drug description provided in the website is purely for informational purpose and doesn't stand equivalent or substitute for doctor’s advice.
  6. In case of any ill effects, kindly consult the concern doctor for immediate medical assistance.
  7. Sale of our drugs by the customers to any other company / individuals is strictly restricted.
  8. We recommend our customers to stay updated by timely checking of our site for any kinds of updates in rules or products. The administration possesses the rights to make any kind of changes without prior information.