Privacy Policy deals with an exceptional privacy policy for the profile safety & security of the customer. We know that the customer’s personal information need to be secure & safe and must not share with anyone.  Since, the info is secret it can’t be shared with any other or second person. We make sure that the personal profile of the customer never used for any kind of promotional purpose.

  • We hold the latest and advanced secure technology to keep the information fortified.
  • We preserve strict restriction of spamming or involvement of any 3rd party allied with your emails or purchasing procedure.
  • The updates seem to be secure and passed through the private emails.
  • notices your desire & is ardent to shield your privacy. The medicine enumerated on our site encompasses the complete information concerning our products, services & promotions to facilitate the ordering progression.
  • We generally make usage of our customer’s email only for the purchasing concerns. values the privacy & the precious time of the customer.

All about your Account Details

At the time of placing an order, we will usually ask you to form an account & log in facts, which encompasses all vital info such as name, email, shipping address, credit card & other connected details. We exactly make usage of these data, to contact you due to a certain discrepancy with an order or anything related to your account information.

We do not share or leak your precious information to anyone else. You are permitted to amend your account info if in case you wish to make some changes or have given any erroneous information.

  • Securities
    we have linked with the accurate electronic, realistic & directorial processes set to defend & secure the actualities gathered online. Well, the customer’s secretive & credit details will be entirely preset by using SSL encryption technology earlier being engaged out from the site.  We make usage of SSL technology to keep your significant details safe & secure and from being poached while passing it to you. Your credit card facts will be wholly set as secure and used only during the process. There is no risk of hackers.
  • Responsibility to Privacy

As your choice & credit card safety is pivotal to us. The peculiar data, which we acquire from you encompassing billing & shipping name, address, email, phone, & credit card will be at all times use in a protected manner. We really don’t share any of your information with anyone else, not with the mediators for marketing purpose, or for any other purposes.

  • You’re Comments

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