Prescription Policy doesn’t deal with any of the non-recommended or prescribed medicine. In short, all the medicine listed on this site is completely prescribed by the doctor. We don’t deal with any non-prescribed medicine. We sell medicine under right prescription. Furthermore, we not precisely offer any kind of healthcare direction. We actually have qualified & experienced physician where they take care of the reliable purchases. Additionally, we are not really responsible about the side-effects that you may get after exercising the medicine. In, this manner you need to pursue an assistance of the doctor. Patrons are advised to educate themselves properly about the medicine and run under doctor’s supervision or direction.

Some of the concerns for, which is not responsible, those are:

  • Allergies, which causes because of actual medications.
  • Medicine that exercises with regard to unauthenticated doctor instruction, which complicates the actual healthcare apprehension.
  • If, a consumer faces any austere side-effects by the medicine, we are not blamable for it. As in most of the circumstances people exercise the medicine wrongly or excessively.
  • Certain unaccustomed medication may outcome with detrimental effect.
  • Practicing any of the drugs (medicine) in an excessive amount and causes any kind of side-effects the is not in charge of it.

Note – one must follow the correct instruction & direction of the medicine before consuming it. We convince about the accuracy and effectiveness of the medicine. We completely deal with prescribed medication.