Want to Get Rid Of Skin Tan? Follow these Simple Natural Remedies

Due to the type of active lifestyle we lead in our day to day lives, we are frequently exposed to the sun every day. Skin tanning is one big issue happening to an individual during summers and no matter whatever protection is been taken you tend to get exposed to the tan pretty often. Summer season tends to take away our glow and healthy skin. Sunglasses, scarfs or any cloth cannot save us from the burning flames and the UV rays. During summers when you see yourself facing the tan on your skin, that’s the right time to immediately look for some ways to get rid of it. One must opt for natural ways to cure sun tanning. The motive of this article is to create awareness amongst the readers about sun tanning and how can someone actually say bye to the tan forever through natural means.

What is a suntan?

When a human is exposed to UV rays for a longer time duration, the skin cells tend to darken. UV rays are pretty harmful to the skin but in some countries, people generally opt for skin tanning to change their color on a temporary basis and look darker than before. In some places, artificial rays are been produced for tanning. The process is dangerous and people must not opt for it.

Our skin tends to have cells named as Melanocytes that produce a pigment which is known to be Melanin. The UV rays are absorbed by this pigment Melanin. As UV rays damage the cells, Melanin is released which protects the cells from getting damaged which eventually directs you to darken the skin. Tanning is one good way to which your skin is been taken care of preventing any sort of damage.

One cannot opt for some expensive medicines or treatments to get rid of everyday tan so here are some natural ways through which you can get rid of the suntan or artificial tanning.

1.Gram Flour and Curd

The curd is a beneficiary dairy product that basically deals with the growth of bones. It consists of nutrients such as calcium and magnesium and many other helpful nutrients. There is a hidden fact about this product that it acts as an exfoliating agent. When the skin is exposed to the sun for hours and hours it tends to leave behind some dead skin cells. Curd helps in removing the dead skin cells and also nourishes the skin from the inside. It also cools down the skin that has been in sun for hours. Gram flour has always been the best for providing an immediate glow to the skin and also whitening.

FACE PACK- You are required to mix curd and gram flour adding teaspoon of lemon juice to it. Apply this paste on your face, neck, hands and also feet. Rinse it off with warm water once dry. This acts as an exfoliator leading to glowing skin. Apply it twice a week for better effects.

2.Aloe Vera and Lemon

Lemon is always considered as a beneficiary of citrus fruit right for hair to skin care treatments. It is an anti-oxidant rich in Vitamin C that instantly provides a glow to the skin if taken a lemon juice or applied in combination with some other product. Aloe Vera gel is another best plan which has six antiseptics in it. Any sort of bacteria or fungi settled on the skin due to pollution can be wiped off by Aloe Vera gel.

FACE PACK- Lemon acts as a bleaching agent which lightens the skin without causing any harm to it. You are supposed to remove the gel from Aloe-Vera plant. Mix the gel with lemon and apply it to the affected tan area and let it dry for some time. Once it is dried completely make sure to wash it off and repeat the process at least two time’s day. You can also use this product for curing dark circles. 

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