Not Myths But True Causes of Hair Loss in Men

The problem of male baldness is reaching heights as we have seen millions of men right from an early age till their 50’s facing this problem of baldness. Apart from some genuine reasons people have been creating hype about unnecessary myths responsible for this problem. It is very important to understand the actual causes which can help in taking an appropriate treatment for the problem. For appropriate treatment, we have some genuine and main causes responsible for hair loss in men.

This condition of male baldness pattern is known as androgenetic alopecia. After puberty, the hair tends to thin out soon. The problem increases as per the age of an individual wherein if you are in your 30’s there are 30% chances for you to face baldness and the ration increases as per your age. There are three major causes for a person to bear hair loss which are hormones, genes and time.

Hormone- The main cause of baldness is a hormone named as DHT (Dihydrotestosterone). When testosterone responds with 5 alpha-reductase (enzyme) a man tends to face baldness. When this hormone named DHT comes in contact with the hair follicles it tends to shrink them leading to the very thin growth of hair. As time passes the effect of DHT on hair follicles becomes so strong that the growth is stopped in that particular area. It is always noticed late as the hair loss is faster than expected and happens in the crown area which we fail to notice closely unless faced a lot of hair fall.

Genes- In some cases, it has been seen that baldness comes genetically. The reasons for the passing of these genes have not been discovered yet because this problem might be to one sibling but not to the other one. Some might as well have those genes of baldness in them but they themselves are not the sufferer of this problem. In some cases, it has been noticed that the tendency of baldness from the mother’s side is more as compared to the father.  Genes are not the only reason for hair loss; you must understand that baldness also depends upon the hormone as well as time.

Time- Time plays a crucial factor in the process of hair loss. This process does not happen over the night and the DHT hormone effects are not instant. It takes time considering the DHT effect on hair follicles followed by the genetic factor. Some men tend to face hair loss in their early 30’s whereas there are people facing this problem later at the age of 40 and above so it all depends upon the above-mentioned factors altogether.

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