Best Baldness Treatment- Generic Propecia

Male pattern of baldness has been one big issue these days. This issue has been widely seen in millions of men and they generally tend to face it at the age of 20. This baldness pattern has affected so many people these days wherein they do not have any proper treatment for it before. This baldness pattern occurs when the hair follicles tend to shrink slowly and gradually which leads to the very thin growth of hair. Hair follicles when shrink completely you tend to face baldness in that particular area which is generally the crown area of your head. If the treatment is not been taken in early stages you might never experience hair growth in that area.

How can baldness be treated?

Many have this question in their head because a lot of people are facing this problem and we do have a solution to this issue where you can experience the lost growth back by keeping some patience. Generic Propecia online is the only trustworthy drug for treating this problem. Many have faced hair growth when they had no expectations. This medicine is no less than a miracle. Generic Propecia comes with a dosage of 1 to 5mg. This is prescribed to men above the age of 18. This hair treatment functions by providing growth in hair, reducing hair loss pattern and also regrowth of lost hair. This medicine works well only for hair growth on the scalp. You will see the effective results in the time span of minimum three months if used the product regularly.

Generic Propecia consists of an active ingredient named Finasteride. This ingredient majorly works by reducing the effects of DHT which is responsible for shrinking the hair follicles. Once the medication is been taken the hair follicles tend to open up leading to thicker and heavier growth in hair slowly and gradually. It lowers the effects of DHT which decreases the growth pattern into the crown area.

How must one consume this medication?

A usual dosage recommended for men is 1 single tablet. You must consume the medication on daily basis to see best results. You can consume the medication either with or without food depending on your convenience. Any medicine if ingested more than it is required can cause severe side effects so you must consult the doctor in case of an overdose.

Whenever you miss any dosage make sure to have it as soon as you remember. If the next dosage time is near then you can consume it then. Keep a check on regular ingestion of pill as the medicine works best when consumed daily and effects are better seen in men. generally, people tend to buy generic Propecia and eat more than one pill in a day with a mindset that the pill might show some good effects but that turns out to be wrong as it shows adverse side effects in such cases.


  • If allergic to finasteride then avoid consuming the pill.
  • Also, the medicine is dangerous for pregnant women or breastfeeding ones so medicine should be kept away from their reach.


You must store the medicine appropriately to avoid wastage. Make sure to store it at a temperature between 68-77 degrees. Keep the medicines out of reach of kids and pets. 

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