Natural Remedies for Longer & Thicker Eyelashes

Nowadays people have loved longer and thicker eyelashes as it makes your eyes look really beautiful and enhances the way a person looks. You must have been aware that there are so many youtubers and bloggers wherein they tend to show different temporary solutions to have longer eyelashes out of which one of them includes false lashes.

So many brands have been promoting false eyelashes which are provided to us with glue. Well, that might make your lashes double the actual amount but the glue applied to your real eyelash lid results in fall outs of your eyelashes within some days. Also in the process of removing those false lashes out, we tend to break some lashes which are heartbreaking, isn’t it? Let’s be practical we would definitely want to have long natural eyelashes rather than depending upon those fake eyelashes.

After a detailed research and some tests, we have come across some really exciting natural ways with the help of which one can attain thicker lashes for a longer duration.


Brushing your eyelashes with the help of brush can motivate growth resulting in longer eyelashes. The natural oil is dispensed out to the length of your lashes when you brush them leading to stronger eyelashes.

Green Tea

One must take benefits out of green tea, to be more precise out of flavonoids. You can use green tea by plunging cotton into the tea and smudge it all over the eyelashes. The tea helps in stimulating the growth and also assists in cleaning the follicles which growth.

Appropriate Diet

A diet that is full of vitamins and proteins helps in attaining longer eyelashes. A healthy diet should be maintained in order to face growth in eyelashes. Including foods like , eggs, fish, soy protein or beans can add to the of your lashes.

Olive Oil-Lemon

Lemon olive oil is said to be an antimicrobial agent and a natural antiseptic. If you want to maintain your eyelashes, this product is a jackpot for you. You are advised to apply lemon olive oil on your lashes during bedtime and can wash it off in the morning. For people who do not have lemon olive oil, you can soak the lemon peels into olive oils for some days and that would function in the same manner.

Home-produced eyelash serum

The final and best remedy is a home based natural mixture. It is basically a composition of both coconut and a drop of essential oil (lavender essential oil). Coconut oil is rich in fatty acids which by strengthening the eyelashes and a of lavender essential oil nurtures the eyelashes. For usage, you can apply the over your eyelashes and make use of your fingers to massage it. Make sure to maintain proper hygiene. This will help you with eyelashes.

Do make use of any of these home remedies and attain longer eyelashes like a come true.

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