SUPATRET GEL – a way to rejuvenate the skin

The supatret gel is a treatment for the skin. This gel helps to treat severe acne, wrinkles, blackheads, pimples, and roughness of facial skin. This gel contains Tretinoin as an active ingredient which is a carboxylic acid form of vitamin A. Tretinoin is a skin exfoliator which helps the skin to regenerate. It also helps to decrease the melanin which reduces the pigmentation and it gets removed from the skin.


To get the better results by using this medication you need to follow the steps:

  1. You should wash your hands and affected area with water and a mild soap.
  2. You should dry your face gently and do not rub the towel on your skin.
  3. After washing your face you need to wait for approximately 20 minutes to apply the gel to the affected area.
  4. You should apply a pea size dab of gel on the affected area with the help of fingertip or cotton swap.
  5. You should apply enough of the medication that covers your affected area lightly.


  • You should not buy Supatret 0.1 if you are breastfeeding or allergic to any ingredient in this gel.
  • If you have any bleeding disorder, thyroid disorder, diabetes, kidney disorder, abnormal white blood cell count, chronic bladder infection then you are not recommended to use this gel.
  • You should take a proper care while using this medication because the accidental use of this gel on your lips, eyes, and nose may harm your skin.
  • If this gel is applied accidentally in your eyes you need to clean your eyes with water so that this gel gets flushed out of your eyes.


       This gel reacts with the medication like Bendroflumethiazide, chlorothiazide, lymecycline and many more. Hence you need to consult a doctor if you are on any medication. If you are using any other ointment or any herbal supplements then you need to consult a doctor.


If you notice any of the reactions while using Tretinoin like Blister formation, burning sensation at the applied site, crusty skin, excessive peeling of skin, itching, redness then you need to immediately seek a medical help. If you come across any of allergic reaction then you should consult a doctor




  • If you are allergic or sensitive to Tretinoin then avoid using this gel.
  • Supatret gel 0.1 should not be applied on sunburned, irritated, peeled or scaly skin or wound. One can use it after the wounded area or skin is been properly healed.
  • After using supatret gel your skin will become sun sensitive so you should avoid exposing your skin to sun rays and artificial UV rays. You can use a good clothing to avoid skin explosion.


  • You should apply supatret gel 0.1 twice a day once in the morning and other during night time.
  • You should apply one pea-sized dab on the affected area.
  • If you miss a dose of this ointment apply it as soon as you remember it.
  • If it’s time for next dose then you can avoid applying the missed dose.
  • An overdose of this gel is impossible unless you consume it orally. If you consume it orally and had an overdose then do consult a doctor.


As it is a gel and gels are flammable so you should keep this medication away from heat and flame. This medication should be stored at room temperature.


You can buy supatret gel 0.1 online as this is available easily as compared to pharmacy shops and also at affordable prices.

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