For dense eyelash and clear vision use Careprost

Careprost is a kind of drop that is basically used for eye treatment. In beginning, this drop was discovered for the purpose of Glaucoma treatment by a doctor. Hence, it was effectively used for glaucoma. But, later on, it was discovered that this drop also has an effective result on eyebrow and eyelash. It resulted in the growth of eyebrows and simultaneously there are growth of longer, darker and thicker eyelashes.

This drop contains the active ingredient of bimatoprost 0.03 %.This ingredient in drop only caused the growth of beautiful eyebrow and eyelash in the patient. Hence, now this drop is well known as Careprost eyes lashes growth. Therefore, this drop is also well known as Careprost bimatoprost ophthalmic solution.

Under the brand name Latisse, Careprost was approved to be used as a cosmetic product for better eyelashes. There is a confusion prevailing about the difference between this drop and Latisse. There is an only price difference between the products. Thus, Latisse is relatively more expensive than Careprost. But, both products produce the same result of its use as the ingredient present in them is same.

How does this drop work for eyelashes growth?

This drop has the ability to increases the volume of person's eyelashes. The substance that is actively present in this drop i.e. bimatoprost affects the growth of hair of eyelashes. Ingredient of this drop helps in growth of hair of eyelashes at initial growth periods. Hence, hairs of eyelashes increase till it remains in same growth periods. It allows them to develop more voluminously.

After you buy Careprost online, the minimum is between 3-4 weeks after you apply. It is also noticed that the maximum period expected is 12 to 14 week after use. This drug is not a hormonal drug. Therefore, it is absolutely good and safe for women’s health.

Steps to apply this drug to increases eyelashes

After you buy Latisse online, it very necessary for one to follow some step:

•             As soon as you find Careprost online, read all information given for use.

•             Then, after receiving medicine first you must read all instructions properly and mainly check the expiry date of the product.

•             If the expiry date of medicine is not over. Then, it is completely safe and ready for use.

•             Further, in order to avoid any infection in your eye, it is advisable to wash hand.

•             Also, wash off your face makeup to proceed further.

•             Gently, dap your face with a towel or any cotton cloth.

•             Now, you’re ready to open the lid of your solution bottle which is received.

•             Apply carefully a thin layer of solution on your upper eyelashes. It is done with the help of brush applicator which is supplied with the solution for use.

•             Remember you should not use this drop for your lower lashes. Then, repeat it for another eye.

•             While you are applying the solution to your eye, be cautious and careful. Remember that other part of the face should not get exposed to the solution.

•             If it happens, then clear the excessive solution from the part of skin around your eyes with the help of cotton.

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