Steps to deal with anxiety

             Anxiety is disorder wherein you feel fear or you are worried about a particular thing. Anxiety is a disorder which should be cured as soon as possible, because if it’s not cured in time it may make a huge loss to the person who is suffering from this disorder. Feeling the fear, be worried are the emotions which even a normal person feels but in such disorder it brings your fear to another level or you can say that Anxiety is a fear phobia. Anxiety needs to be cured before it harms the person.

            Anxiety is a fear which a person feels on the present basis. This fear can be anything like money, wealth but the fear is not realistic. Fear is a mixture of emotional as well as a physical emotion which can even sometimes cause a threat to life. It also affects the sleep of a person and even effects nervous system.

                 Anxiety and fear both are different. Fear is an emotion in a person which occurs when something happens with a person and Anxiety is an emotion wherein person is afraid of something which didn’t happen to him. Due to anxiety person keeps on thinking of the same thing repeatedly which affects his mind but he can’t take any action because it’s not real. There are some physical symptoms of anxiety like increased heart rate, less breathe, dryness, restlessness, dry mouth, muscle tension.

  1. Psychotherapy: This is the best way to come up with anxiety. Consulting a psychotherapist can make a person completely fine with the help of medicines any even with the help of meditation. Psychotherapists mostly try to find out why the person is afraid of a particular thing and then they try to make them comfortable with the help of medicines. Psychotherapist also conducts interpersonal therapy and problem-solving therapy; such therapies are conducted when the disorder is at first stage.
  2. Meditation: meditation is the best way than psychotherapy. In meditation treatment, the person is been treated in a natural way. This therapy doesn’t include any type of medicines, they only make a person to follow meditation which helps them to come up with problems. Meditation treatment is given to the person when he is going through depression.
  3. Talking with family and friends: most of the people don’t share any of the problems with their family or friends thinking what would they or due to some other reasons. But sharing your fear with someone helps you to come up with the problem of depression, fear, and anxiety.
  4. Exposure therapy: This is a therapy wherein you again go through your fear with the help of your imagination. This therapy is mostly trusted by people because you you go through your fear without any loss or damage been caused to you
  5. Sleep: Wile a person is going through anxiety doctors, meditators mostly recommend taking a sleep properly, because the fear in a person makes a person restless due to which he can’t sleep at night properly. Sleep is the best medicine for anxiety.
  6. Other activities: Person should make a habit of yoga, art, music so that he can relax his mind any due to peace he can come up with his anxiety. Involving self in any sought of activity helps the person to come up with his fear.

ANXIETY is the only disorder where a thinks of what even happen him. Such disorders should be treated properly and even quickly otherwise it may also lead to mental imbalance which may harm a person as well as others.

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