Careprost- An eye care solution

Careprost is an eye care solution. The generic for careprost is “bimatoprost ophthalmic”. This medicine is available in solution form. Bimatoprost is the active ingredient in this solution. It works like when you apply it in your eyes the pressure of your eyes decreases which make the flow of natural water from your eyes. As it regulates the pressure in eyes it also prevents from blindness. This medication is mostly used to thicken and lengthen the eyelashes. This medication helps the lashes to grow properly to a proper thickness and to a proper length.

You have to use a solution as it is prescribed to you. You can refer to the leaflet provided with the solution. You can use this solution for the duration of 12-16 weeks. Overusing of it will not make the results occur faster so avoid using it for a long time. You have to use this solution after you clean up all the makeup of your face. It is preferred to apply the solution with brush and not with hand. It is advisable to use it once in a day at evening time before going to bed. If you are using contact lenses you are supposed to remove the lenses and then use the solution. Even you wear the lens only after 15-20 minutes after using careprost. Using the lenses immediately can cause damage to your eyes. While applying the solution you have to be careful that you don’t force more the solution on your eyes.

Alike other solutions it also has side effects like a change in color of iris, Itchy eyes, headache, dry or watery eye, eye discomfort. If you encounter side effects like redness of eyes, discharge from eyes, irritation of eyes then you are supposed to consult the doctor. This solution is available with chemist shop as well as online. So if you want to buy it at cheap rates you are supposed to consult a doctor to ask him from where can it be available. If you are consuming any herbal medicines or any supplements are supposed to inform the doctor. You also have to inform the doctors about your current health that if you are pregnant or are suffering from allergy. Doctors mostly prescribe this solution according to your condition; its dosage is prescribed as per the condition you are in.

Most of the allergic reactions found are chest tightness, breathing, swallowing, skin rashes. So if you come up such allergic reaction you are supposed to seek a medical help. This solution is not always suitable for all patients hence it is recommended to consult a doctor who can advise you properly or you can even follow the prescription on the instruction leaflet. This solution is to be kept away from the moisture and sunlight. If you have any sought of eye injury or you went under any eye injury you are not supposed to use this bimatoprost. The age group of people above 18 years are not supposed to use this medication.

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