Bimatoprost is an synthetic drug that works by regulating the flow of liquid within the eye to maintain a normal pressure used to treat several types of disorders such as glaucoma and other causes of high pressure inside the eye.

Careprost is an effective drug to overcome disorder known as glaucoma hypotrichosis. This drug is effective in controlling the risk of glaucoma and to recover visual hypertension. It also reduces the common eye problems such as dehydration, soreness etc. The generic name for the product is bimatoprost ophthalmic solution. Manufactured by Sun Pharma, India. The product is available with strength (3ml of 0.03 %). People suffering from disorders are worried and stressed about it. A number of products are present in the market which promises to overcome this problem.

Buy Careprost online, it is one of the best and effective products which have shown best results. This product not only helps in getting bigger and darker eyelashes but also cures hypotrichosis as well as glaucoma completely and also reduces the possibility of such disease to occur again. Careprost cheap is a multi-beneficial product. It works on disorders such as glaucoma, inadequate eyelashes and hypotrichosis.


It is a disorder which causes damage to optic nerve and loss of vision. It includes risk in an increase of eye pressure. If it is detected in the early stage it can be cured by proper medication, laser treatment, or surgery. About 6 to 67 million people suffer from globally. Glaucoma is also known as "silent thief of vision" because the loss of vision usually occurs slowly over a long period of time. This condition builds disorder of short eyelashes (shape and size).

Inadequate eyelashes –

 This is another big annoying issue which many ladies are going through. All of us want to look beautiful and attractive and for that, we generally make so many efforts.


Careprost can cause be careful while .

Make sure to consult a doctor before using Bimatoprost solution.

Apply one drop of careprost on an only upper eyelash.

Follow the routine every night before going to bed regularly as long as it is prescribed to you.

Maximum eyelash growth can be noticed by 12-16 weeks.

Never take overdose to get instant result. In case of overdose of the solution immediately consult an expert.

 Don’t contaminate the solution with any other liquid.                                         

     Avoid using this eye drop

  • If you pregnant or planning for pregnancy.
  •  If you are suffering from Liver, kidney or respiratory disorders.     

        Side effects of the drug:

        These are common side effects of Bimatoprost

  • Redness
  • Swelling
  •  Itching
  •  Pain around the eyes
  • Vision changes
  • Burning of the eyes after using the drug


  • Never use careprost when you are wearing contact lenses.
  • Keep out of reach of children, household pets.
  • Use the bottle of solution within one month.

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