Various Kinds of Skin Diseases and their Effects

Disease and humans go hand in hand since many centuries and also equal amount of remedies have been explored to treat human diseases. There are almost about 3,000 skin diseases which make people visit doctors again and again. Here we are going to have a detailed look at some of the common skin diseases which are seen in many people.

Most of the skin diseases vary in their impact on the skin with some being more discomfort able. Some diseases can be cured within sometime and some needs long time treatment with potent medication. Some of the skin diseases are mentioned below for a better understanding of this concept.

Seborrheic Disorder or Seborrheic Dermatitis

Every human at some point of their life tend to develop Seborrheic Dermatitis which are generally characterized as scaly skin, oily skin, red and itchy skin. This condition generally occurs in the scalp area. In infants it is seen as cradle can and in adults it comes in the form of dandruff and might also have effects on face, upper back and chest. Seborrheic disorders is often seen occurring in older people in which their skin becomes scaly and raised which could be black or light brown in color.

Skin Infections

The major function of our skin is to protect us from harmful substances present in the nature. Even after taking complete care one might end up bacterial, fungal and viral infections which can trigger in the skin itself. One of the most common bacterial infections is Impetigo in which you tend to get blisters, crusting and red sores and is highly contagious. Herpes is one of the most common viral skin infection in which you get cold sores. Warts are other viral infections that you should be aware of and protect your skin from this viral infection. Some of the fungal infections are athlete’s foot (Tinea Pedis), ringworm (Tinea Corporis) which come under skin diseases.

Inflammatory diseases

One of the most common inflammatory skin diseases is Acne and is seen in most of the adolescents and in some cases acne continues to be with them in their adulthood. Psoriasis is also a popularly diagnosed skin disorder in which the condition of the skin tends to be red and scaly in appearance and can hit people of any age. In this condition the nails get affected and sometime joint inflammation is seen which leads to psoriatic arthritis. Another chronic inflammatory skin disease is Eczema, which is a combination of disorders and the condition of skin in this type inflamed and red in color and hit people in their early childhood prolonging till old age. Rosacea is a skin disease in which the facial skin and nose becomes red and needs proper medication to cure.

Skin Cancers

According to the latest statistics of American Journal of Preventive Medicine published in February 2015, almost 5 million Americans are diagnosed with different types of skin cancer. The most common skin cancer which is seen in most people is Basal Cell Carcinoma and is the least serious type of cancer. Another type of skin cancer which has more or less the same name but different impact is Squamous Cell Carcinoma. The growth of cancer cells in this type is faster when compared to Basal Cell Carcinoma. Squamous Cell Carcinoma can be cured only with certain surgeries and potent medication.

Actinic Keratoses

Actinic Keratoses is a stipulation wherein there is a scaly growth in fewer areas of the skin which has been damaged by UV rays of the sun. The color is generally brown or red and has a very rough feeling when touched. If you don’t take treatment for Actinic Keratoses you might lead yourself to Squamous Cell Carcinoma.

Above mentioned skin diseases are just a few of them out of 3000 skin diseases and if you end up with anyone of them, consult a dermatologist and diagnose the exact condition of your skin and start your medication as soon as possible. You should take all the precautionary measure available in order to protect yourself from external harm and prevent skin diseases.

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