Dietary and Ayurvedic Tips for Eye Care

Nature has been a good savior for human since many centuries and the use of natural things have been explored all over the world and are known for the healing power that they have. There are different natural remedies which serve different medical purpose in human body. When it comes to taking care of your eye, not many people have any idea or tips for eye care. This blog will help you get some tips for eye care and give you healthy eyes.

Since we all know our health depends on the diet that we are on. If you happen to fall sick after some amount of junk food has entered your body then definitely that is not the right diet for you. Here are some dietary tips for eye care.

Dietary Tips

Vitamins play a major role in preventing many health disorders and with human eyes, Vitamin A is a crucial Vitamin which is responsible for giving you healthy and better eyes. You should include food supplements to your diet which have high content of Vitamin A. in general there are many sources for Vitamin A but to guide our users we mention some of them to you so that you get your share of information from this article. Starting with all yellow colored vegetables and pumpkins have rich source of Vitamin A. Fruits like oranges, mangoes and papaya can be added to your meal everyday in order to supply Vitamin A to your eyes.

Most of us learned as kids that carrots are good and healthy for your eyes and it has been proven that carrot juice and eating raw carrot everyday can keep your eyes healthy and protect it from many eye problems. Other sources of Vitamin A can be obtained from green leafy vegetables like spinach, colocasia and coriander. Not all of them like to have green vegetables and have a great love for non vegetarian food. No worries for them as non vegetarian food items like eggs, fish and liver have abundance of Vitamin A in them.

Another most vital and crucial Vitamin for eyes is Vitamin C and can be obtained from many sources. Vitamin C is responsible in preventing eye problems like Cataract. You should include Indian Gooseberry, cabbage, capsicum, lemon, oranges and guava to your diet as they are rich in Vitamin C.

Ayurvedic Remedies and Tips

Experts are still under research on Ayurvedic remedies and tips for eye care bit they have been successful in exploring some Ayurvedic treatments and remedies that you can follow in order to take care of your eyes. Triphala is an Ayurvedic lotion which is used for cleaning the eyes. This lotion is a mixture of myroblansbelleric and Chebula which are Ayurvedic components used in the preparation of Triphala. The lotion is potent enough to cure eye problems like Cataract and conjunctivitis. If you wash your eyes three to four times a day with this lotion you will be preventing your eyes from problems and other eye diseases.

If you happen to have a good knowledge about Ayurvedic medicines then you must have heard of Chandrodava Vati, which is of great help in taking care of your eyes. Chandrodava Vati is a paste which has to be applied externally on your eyes to see the Thermogenic effect of Ayurvedic components. This Ayurvedic remedy is quite beneficial in treating allergic conjunctivitis and cataract problems.


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