Skin is the largest organ in the human body and to take care of that on a regular basis may get hectic for some people but that is the only remedy to nourish and take care of your skin in order to prevent any damage to the skin. There are number of ways to maintain a daily skincare routine. In the following article we list some skin types and remedies to take care of the particular skin type.

Human skin is basically classified into four categories namely dry skin, oily skin, combination skin type, Sensitive Skin and normal skin. The tips for these above skin type’s tips are as follows:

  1. Dry Skin Type: This skin type is generally dry most of the times. The epidermis (topmost layers on the skin) of this skin type doesn’t get the required sebum (oil) from skin pores which don’t give the necessary moisture to the skin to prevent skin damages. Dry skin is very sensitive to sun and the winds. Washing your face daily with a good cleanser or face wash can remove the dirt particles on the skin which may lead to skin infections. Use of warm water can be beneficial as it help the skin hydrate faster and keep it moisturized for better period of interval. Use of makeup and other cosmetics which have alcohol content should be totally avoided as alcohol has drying properties in it and can cause damage or anti reaction on your skin. Using cream based lotions or cleanser are very effective on dry skin type.
  2. Oily skin Type: This is the skin type which most people don’t wish to have as too much oil is secreted from the skin pores which does not favor skincare. The skin pores in oily skin tend to enlarge every time they produce oil to nourish the skin. Oily skin is more prone to get pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, Acne or scars. Washing your skin twice a day can be helpful as it will remove the dirt which is stuck on the oily side of the skin. Use cleansers which do not form any foam while using as foam may get in contact with your eyes which may trigger eye problems. Oil blotters are quite easy and quick in cleaning the oil and dirt on your skin. It hardy takes few minutes to clean your face with oils blotters and is a very good practice in taking skincare.
  3. Normal Skin Type: Normal skin is often mixed with combination skin but it is time your clear out this misconception. Normal skin type and combination skin type are two different types which have different skincare remedies and cannot be mixed. Normal skin type has perfect warmth, moisture and oil to prevent any skin disorders but there are extreme cases in which you need synthetic chemicals to keep in good condition. Use of daily cleanser and moisturizers can help to keep the skin condition normal and prevent it from any harm from outer environment.
  4. Sensitive Skin Type: Most of the skin disorders and skin infection are triggered in these skin types. Sensitive skin tends to fall prey to many harmful substances in the nature and mix with the skin metabolism to give the victim various skin problems. Use of potent cosmetics or potent medication is required if the problem gets too serious on this skin type. Treatment should be taken as soon as possible. Acne and scars are more to be diagnosed in Sensitive skin and consulting a dermatologist is advised.
  5. Combination Skin Type: This a combination of two different skin types which could be anything because fewer portions of the skin are dry and fewer portion are oily which cause damage only in certain areas on the skin. The most common skin problem in combination skin type are inflamed popular and pustule on the chin or the mouth. Pastular Acne is often seen on the cheeks. The treatment for this skin type will be provided to you by expert dermatologists or esthetician.

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