Human eyes are one of the most important and crucial part of the human body with which we see the world and definitely no one can emphasize the importance of them. Eyes are used throughout the day until your go to sleep and are exposed to the outer environment all the time due to which there are possibilities that you might catch up with eye problems. In order to keep yourself away from any problem, you need to take certain safety measures.

As we all know that there are countless problems related to eyes and the most common of them are Myopia, Cataract, Glaucoma, Stye and Cataract. The remedies and tips for eye care mentioned in this article will help you somewhat and keep you away from eye problems.

Herbs for Eye Care

Herbs have been a savior for many human diseases and even in the case of eye care it has benefits. Herbal remedies are the best way to treat your body since they don’t have any side effects and is more effective on human body. Here are some herbs which will help you take care of your eye.

  • Pimpinella Anisum which is famously known as Aniseed is one of the best herbs to treat cataract problem. It is recommended that you should crush the seeds and take the powder of seeds every morning orally in a tablespoon.
  • Babul is known to be the herb for Conjunctivitis. The paste of babul leaves when applied on the eyes just before going to sleep can reduce the itchiness and redness of the eyes. 
  • We have been listening to the benefits of carrots on eyes since we all were in school. Carrot helps a lot in increasing the Vitamin A content in the body which is responsible for protecting the eye from night blindness.
  • A Coriander decoction can be used as an eye cleaner for people suffering from conjunctivitis. The effects are seen immediately after the wash which reduces the redness and burning sensation in the eyes.
  • Indian Gooseberry is very helpful in treating Conjunctivitis and Glaucoma. It is also beneficial in curing ocular problems.
  • Another useful herb to relax your eyes from strains is Indian Sorrel. The juice which is prepared from the leaves of Indian Sorrel reduces strain in the eyes and can help people suffering Cataract problem
  • Eye problems like corneal ulcers, ophthalmic, and sluggishness of the pupil, weak eyes, conjunctivitis and cataract can be prevented if you have raw juice of Parsley every day.

The above mentioned herbal remedies can bring positive changes to your eyes and are also some of the best tips for eye care. Other than herbal remedies there are other methods and tips for eye care which we will see in the preceding article but for now the above-mentioned herbs can also be useful to you. You can order these herbs online or you can find them anywhere near to your locality.

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