What is Hair Loss and the Common Reasons behind It?

Hair loss in men and women has become quite prominent with increasing work life and polluting environment. In this scenario, if somebody wishes to take ample amount of care of hair in order to prevent hair loss then they should definitely understand the reasons behind hair loss. In this article we list you some reasons which you can relate and find out whether these reasons lead to your hair loss.

Behind Genetics

Genetics play an important role in the human body and can be responsible for most of medical condition in people. Genetics play a major role in hair fall of women. It’s the genes that determine the medical condition of human body. Genetic have a great impact on the life cycle of hair strands. According to a study conducted by American Academy of Dermatology, the reason behind hair loss could be androgenic alopecia which can be inherited in you from your mother or father who have the same genes as you do. Androgenic alopecia is the root cause for thinning and shedding of hair strands. In case of women, the thinning of hair generally starts from the hairline which slowly takes over your entire scalp. To alleviate the effects of androgenic alopecia, most of the hair experts in most of the salons have come up with various remedies like changing your hairstyle or giving you a scalp treatment.

Physical or Psychological Stress

Physical stress is contributing factor in hair fall as it interrupts the life cycle of hair which goes through three phases namely growing phase, resting phase and shredding phase. Excess amount of physical stress does not allow the hair to go through resting phase and directly enter the shredding phase which increasing the average hair fall per day. Psychological stress can be triggered from events like major accidents or any major health disease which in the end leads to hair fall. Stress has to be completely on a normal scale in order to prevent or control hair fall. Women who are pregnant or who have undergone a major surgery are more like to get hair fall problems and necessary treatment should immediately be taken.

Persevere Medical Conditions

Persisting or persevering medical conditions can be a contributing factor for hair loss or hair fall in women. Most of the women who are familiar with persisting medical condition would relate that they have experienced proclivity to thinning and shedding of hair due to their illness. This is often seen in women who suffer from hypothyroidism, which generally occurs when the body is producing less amount of thyroid hormone. Another case which was encountered was lupus- an autoimmune disease which can trigger shedding and thinning of hair. The common mistake which most of the women tend to do while facing these problems is that they choose to go styling salon for solution but they forget that only potent medication or treatment can solve this puzzle for them.

Inappropriate Scalp Conditions

Hair fall generally occur when the hair follicles wide open up due to weak scalp condition which cannot hold the hair strands to the desired amount of time. Most of the scalp conditions have psoriasis, fungal infections or dandruff due to which they are more prone to air fall. You can go to beauty salons in order to treat your scalp and can bring changes in your scalp condition. There are many medical procedures for treating scalps which may be quite expensive but taking a daily hair care routine can benefit you and also not cost you a bit also.

Excessive Use of Styling Products

Styling the hair and looking more beautiful has been practiced overages and there is nothing harm in it unless you use hair styling products in a limit. Most of the women use various colors, creams and styling gels in order to give their hair stylish look but forget that the synthetic chemicals present in the cosmetics can harm the life cycle of hair strands and make them fall out of your scalp. Make sure that you use styling products only when necessary and also use good quality products which do not have much-needed chemicals.

Medications or Treatments Available

If we talk about oral medication to prevent hair loss, the only name which pops in the mind is Propecia. Propecia is an approved medication from FDA which targets in treating hair fall problems from internally and bring changes in the scalp condition. This is a potent oral medication which can easily be found on our website, which is completely a quality online pharmacy store and has been trusted by many people for years now. For information on various hair loss treatments or hair loss tips, stick to our website as we update you with all the latest information on hair loss.

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