How to Maintain Thick Eyelashes to Protect Your Eyes

As humans grow older, the organs start fading away their functioning and are more prone to medical diseases and health disorders. Eyes are the most important organ of the body since we perceive the world with our naked eyes and in case any unhealthy symptoms are seen, it is recommended you follow a strict regime to overcome the problem. Eyelashes being a part of eyes are most important in preventing the dust to enter the eyes which may cause eyes problems like cataract.

Most people as they grow older their eyelashes starting growing smaller and thinner due to hormonal changes. One cannot stop a natural phenomenon but can certain precautionary measure to reduce the shedding of eyelashes and maintain thicker eyelashes all through the way. Here are some suggested ways to maintain thick eyelashes as you grow old. The best part about the following remedies is that they can be practiced at home without involving any hectic medical procedure.

Use of Petroleum Jelly

There are numbers of petroleum products available which can be used in enhancing eyelashes growth and are easily available. It’s a simple way of applying the petroleum jelly cream between your index finger and thumb as you gently rub it between your eyelids and eyelashes. This will help the skin around the eyelashes to stay moist which will allow the eyelashes to grown in a natural way without any restriction from dust or dry air.

One should be careful while purchasing synthetic cosmetics which promise to take eye care because of the various chemicals added to its biochemistry which in turn may have anti-reactions on the skin and damage your eyelids or eyelashes. We have seen case of extreme side effects of cosmetics and which has caused user a lot of trouble and gave them serious eye infection which can be cure only with certain medical surgeries and medications.

Avoid Make Up as Much As You Can

Most women like to have makeup wherever they go and it’s just a beauty trend that every woman follows. This practice should be reduced as much as possible since whenever you put make up the chances are more that when you go out in sun they chemicals in makeup might have adverse anti-reaction which will make your eyelashes fall out and become thin. This can be easily done if you just make your use of makeup limited in order to maintain good eyelashes.

Do Not Scrub Your Lashes Too Hard

After a makeup session most women while washing their makeup tend to scrub in a very odd fashion which spoils the texture of your eyelashes. This should be done in a gentle way and with lukewarm water and should be done with tissue paper or something which has a very smooth surface. After washing you eyelashes let them dry for sometime so that they don’t get hard and fall out.

Avoid Conditioners

Most people instead of using Vaseline tend to use various conditioners with a belief that it will help to keep the eyes and eyelashes moist. It is not completely true as Vaseline has much more moisturizing properties compared to any other conditioners that promise 24 hours moisture to the eyelids or eyelashes. Make sure you use Vaseline as it is has no anti reactive chemical which will affect your eyes. It also has high petroleum jelly content and has been used since ages in moisturizing.

Protect Your Eyes from UV rays

UV rays emitted from sunlight may sometimes have adverse effects on the eyes, which may lead to certain eye infections and damage the metabolism behind the functioning of the eyes. This can be prevented if start using glares or good reflecting glasses which mat prevent the UV Rays from entering your eyes. Make sure to wash your face and eyes every time you come outside which will clear all the harmful dust particles from the surface of your eyelids and eyelashes.

Effective Eye Care and Eyelash’s Medications

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