Careprost an ophthalmic solution to treat eye disorder

Careprost, which is also termed as Lumigan & Latisse acts like an ophthalmic solution exerts to moderate the stress within the eyes, termed as intraocular pressure (IOP). This actually lead form glaucoma, mounts by a mass up of fluid in the eye. An enhancement in IOP may result with damage to the optic nerve fibres, which may result with steady loss eye vision. Initially causing peripheral vision & ultimately to complete blindness. Usage of Careprost (latisse) mounts the flow of aqueous liquid out of the eye, which drops IOP & protects the eye vision from damaging. Careprost works dually treating and comforting ocular hypertension and hypotrichosis (short eye lashes).

Components of Careprost

Lumigan eye drops embraces the active component known as bimatoprost, a mock analogue of prostamide, in latisse exerts to subordinate intraocular pressure (IOP) in glaucoma. One may also find it holding sodium phosphate dibasic, sodium chloride, citric acid monohydrate, purified water & the additive benzalkonium chloride; sodium hydroxide or hydrochloric acid perhaps be mix to fiddle with PH.

Latisse and its work


Usage of lumigan eye drops 0.03% aids treat glaucoma or ocular hypertension and hypotrichosis issue steadily. It has been found working outstanding to deal with such eye related complication. The mass up of pressure in the eye origins glaucoma occurs due to hindrance of the fluid termed as aqueous humour, which is formed repeatedly to preserve normal eye pressure. Here, Bimatoprost in Careprost holds the same acts in eyes as prostamide & enhance the run of aqueous humour via the spongy tissue known as trabecular network. As the run of water into & out of the eye get equalized again, the stress in the eye get moderated & cut down the risk of damage to the optic nerve & loss of vision, which occurs if glaucoma ignored untreated. 

The usage of Careprost

Be regular and careful with your dosage. Before applying the drops wash and clean your eyes. Apply the drop to the affected area according to the recommended amount, not over or under but in adequate amount.  Well, the usage varies as per the condition. Normally, it is advice to use once in a day in the evening. One must follow the instruction properly. Anyone wearing contact lenses must take out the lenses before putting the drops; replace it after appliance. One must use the lumigan solution for as longer as physician has been proposed, without over taking or under taking or more habitually. It is actually proposed to moderate the pressure level within the eyes. One must disclose his/her complete eye disorder to the doctor before using this solution. Using any other eye drops must maintain gap between two of those appliance. Avoid working or operating any machinery act directly after appliances take a rest of 20 minutes. Do not get directly expose to the sunlight or dust as it may turn your condition more complicated. During the treatment in case one can make usage of goggles to protect the eyes from stains. Use the solution under the guidance of experts or specialists. Avoid rubbing the eyes harshly as it may turned in reddish color.

Note: - avoid making finger contact with the careprost or the eyes after appliance as it may cause irritation and may result with severe complication. Making persistent finger contact will turn the solution contaminated.

The side effects of Careprost

Well, not everyone is regular to face side-effects, but some with normal side-effects may go through. Using the solution in over amount may face this problem. conjunctival hyperaemia, burning, exasperation or distension of the eye & eyelid, compassion to light, mount in coloring or tincture of zone around eye, alteration in vision, darkening of eyelashes, iris, headache, giddiness, infection, etc. are some most acknowledged condition found in person as a side-effects.

When to avoid Careprost

You must not use Careprost in case you:

  • Get allergic to bimatoprost or any of the components in Careprost eye drops
  • If you are pregnant, or willing to get pregnant or going under lactating phase
  • If you are suffering with liver, kidney or respiratory disorders


Store the solution away from the range of heat, direct sunlight and moisture.


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