Precautions for Gabapentin

Gabapentin is a medication for epilepsy, but it does have a lot of precautions, so that you don't face any type of side effects from the same. Here in this article you will find some of the precautions that you need to take in order to make this medication work at its best and without facing any problems from it lime seizures.

Below are some of the precautions to be taken while having Gabapentin

  • As mentioned above, this medication to control the problem of epilepsy, so it is important to understand that you are not supposed to discontinue this medication or start any other alternative for the same without consulting your doctor. Even your doctor will gradually stop this medication or add a new anticonvulsant medication after few weeks, so that your body doesn’t have any problems because of the changes made to the medication.
  • Some of the safety and the effectiveness of this medication are still not known and hence it is important to seek your doctor help to acknowledge you about this type of medication beforehand. Gralise and Horizant are two trade names for gabapentin, which can't be interchanged with each other or any other products related to gabapentin. Also, Gralise should be started with the minimum dose. Both this trade name should be taken as a whole rather than taking it by crushing it or splitting it or chewing it, as it can be risky for your health.
  • If Gralise trade name is discontinued or reduced or substituted with any other medication, then that should be done gradually after few weeks or as long as your physician direct you. Also, if you are taking antacids, then you need to take gabapentin after two hours, so that the aluminum hydroxide and magnesium hydroxide in the antacid doesn't react with the medication of epilepsy. If the patient is less than 18 years, then it is recommended to follow what doctor says, as it can have very hazardous result on the patient, if doses are manipulated without consulting the doctor.
  • You can take this medication with or without food, but the Horizant trade name medication should be taken with food. The Gralise trade name medication should be taken only once a day with the evening meal, to get its maximum benefits. The daily dose of such type of medication should not exceed the limit of 1200 mg, as the chances of getting adverse reactions are high. In the case of PHN, the family dose should also not exceed the limit of 1200 mg, as there is no additional benefits, but it ma y have adverse effects to the body.
  • It is important to remember to take Horizant trade name of gabapentin on the recommended time. If you have forgotten to do so, then it is best to skip the missed one and continue with the next dose that has to be taken in the scheduled time and let you doctor know about it in your next appointment. It is wrong to manipulate with such type of medication on your own, as it can be very risky as well as can be life-threatening too for you.

These are some of the precautions, which have to be taken care of if you or anybody in your family is taking the medication of gabapentin. If you are still not sure about the precautions or if you are confused, then it is better to consult your docket for the same. If you have any medical history, conditions or any other health issue like heart disease, kidney disease or high or low blood pressure, then it is mandatory to let your doctor know about it during consultation, or that he can prescribe you some other alternative for the epilepsy therapy.

These are some of the precautions that you should be aware of, if you are by taking gabapentin for the treatment of epilepsy. Even though most of the possible precautions have been mentioned in these articles, still it is recommended to consult your doctor first and follow what he has to say, rather than following your own self without any specific knowledge about this type of medication.

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