How to Spot Symptoms of STDs In Men

Understand the signs of your body, before it’s too late.

Sexually transmitted Diseases or STDs as they are popularly known as are caused due to unprotected sex or constant close physical contact with an infected person. It can spread from one person to another if they indulge sexually with many partners. A person indulging with many sexual partners is more prone to contracting a STD.

It might interest you to know that STIs and STDs are relative terms, but cannot be used interchangeably.

Here’s why, STDs are diseases caused by the infection caused by any virus or bacteria, transmitted through sex. And STI’s are the viruses that cause the infection.

STIs May or May Not Show Symptoms 

Chances of getting infected by a STI is higher, because if the fact that they may or may not show any symptoms of presence in the body. STDs do show certain warning indication, them being the generic feeling of being sick, or tired all the time. STDs are very harmful, and can also be life threatening. Hence, one needs to sit up and take a detailed notice of these diseases because they have the ability to ruin many lives, including the carrier’s life.

Types of STDs and Their Symptoms

How to spot symptoms of STDs in men

To do so, one needs to understand the types of STDs and symptoms each and every disease shows:


HIV / AIDS are the most deadly of all STDs. This disease showcases a virus that lies dormant for many years. This makes it absolutely difficult for the affected, or doctors to detect if the person is infected by the malignant virus.

Watch out for: A decrease in immunity, swollen node in glands, groin, neck or armpit could be a sign of the disease.

  • Diarrhea, which lasts for a duration more than a week’s time
  • Weight-loss that is sudden and unexplained
  • Abnormal patching of the skin mainly near the mouth, nose or eyelids are major symptoms of the disease that appear over a period of time.

How to detect AIDS

A blood test being the best method to detect AIDS is definitely done after a month and is repeated after 6 months of unprotected sex.

HPV or Genital Warts

HPV or Genital warts are the most commonly occurring types of STDs. These diseases are caused by a virus called the Human Papilloma Virus. Anybody could be infected by this virus, in spite of which it may or may not show any obvious symptoms in the infected.

Watch out for:  The occurrence of growth of warts which can be tiny, plump and whitish in color.

These warts can show up at the tip of the penis or its shaft. The warts can range from the scrotum and can travel up to the anal area as well (in case someone is engaged in anal sex).

Tip: Those fond of oral sex should be aware of the infection, as the warts can show up in the mouth and esophagus of a person who has had sex with a person infected with HPV.


Chlamydia is caused by a bacteria called  chlamydia trachomatis. Men infected from this malignant STD may experience a burning sensation during passage of urine. Those infected by this STD could also experience a whitish cloudlike or very prominent yellowish-green discharge from the penis. Men can always feel a burning sensation or itching at tip of the penis.


In the case that you experience severe itching around the anal area, or you feel pain while passing urine, you probably are infected with Gonorrhea. Other symptoms of gonorrhea could include a bloody discharge from the penis or engorged testicles which are touch sensitive (pain when touched).


The most easily passed and deadly STDs of them all. Syphillis, can lay dormant in the system, and if it goes unnoticed in early stages, it can evolve to a life threatening condition. This sexually transmitted disease begins with what seems like a sore on the part which has been exposed to the infection.

Watch out for: Swelling in the groin, headaches, loss in appetite. Appearance of rashes on the palms, behind the crevices of legs, face and arms. The last stage of syphilis could lead to permanent blindness, insanity, permanent ulcers and even paralysis.

You now are aware of the early symptoms of some commonly occurring deadly STIs and STDs. This article should be able to help you detect the early signs of STDs in time.

Tip: To keep away from STDs and STIs, use a condom, and do not indulge with too many partners.

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