7 Foods That Damage Your Skin

As the saying rightly goes, "you are what you eat" – it is amazingly true. Your skin is a part of you, what you eat is also reflected upon your skin. Consuming a diet that is healthy and balanced, one with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables has numerous benefits for your skin. You must also know that consuming a diet rich in foods that contain high Glycaemic index causes damage the skin, by causing it to age prematurely and aggravating the problem of acne. Here, we look at foods to be avoided in order to have healthy skin. These foods should not be completely avoided, but should be consumed in moderation. So, eat a little bit of everything and you will be alright.

By the end of this article, you will know about the 7 foods that actually damage your skin more than anything else.

7 Foods That Damage Your Skin #1: Alcohol

Though alcohol may not qualify as a food, but it also tends to cause dehydration to the skin and the rest of your body. So all alcohol does is that it leaves you with parched and dry-looking skin. Isn’t it an irritating thing to find your skin dull and puffy eyes after a night of excessive drinking, your eyes look puffy and your skin looks dull? The hangover that accompanies simply adds to your skin's woes.

Tip: You can replace alcohol by consuming clear fluids like coconut water and other healthy options. Here’s what, consume a glass of water for every alcoholic beverage you consume. This will not only keep control over your drinking, but will also reduce the level of dehydration caused.

7 Foods That Damage Your Skin #2: Processed Snacks

The first thing that comes to mind when the stomach craves some food, is processed snacks, crisps, biscuits, and other junk foods. The thing about processed snacks and foods is that unlike natural foods, they come loaded with unhealthy levels of salt and even sugar. Apart from the other harmful substances used to prepare, and preserve these foods, the extra salt content can cause fluid retention in the body, which can result in puffy eyes the next morning. The sugar content in such foods can cause acne and premature ageing of the skin. When a food is processed, it loses all its natural goodness, and as a result is left with high calorie values but are very low in terms of nutritive value. Instead, snack on fruits, since they come with high nutritive value.

Tip: Stick to fruits, and in times of hunger and emergencies try choosing something healthy, instead.

7 Foods That Damage Your Skin #3: Artificial Sweeteners

Just because the use of sugar isn’t very healthy, doesn’t mean that artificial sweeteners can be used. The idea of artificial sweeteners was to sweeten foods without having to deal with the harmful effects of sugar. Unfortunately, the chemical – the artificial sweeteners has been implicated to causing liver problems ever since. Consuming small amounts of sugar is advised above the use of this artificial sweetener.

Tip: fruits are naturally sweet for a reason

7 Foods That Damage Your Skin #4: White Bread, Pasta, Cakes, etc.

So we’re talking about fast foods. Foods like white bread, pasta, cakes noodles, pizza crusts and burger buns are all made from refined flour. These foods have a high glycaemic index. Every time you consume these foods, the glucose levels in the blood tend to spike up, making it necessary for the body to produce extra insulin in order to burn this sugar. This action of fast food and the body results inflammation and development of acne.

The glucose present in these foods, also binds to the collagen and elastin present in the skin, this makes them less flexible. The phenomenon causes the skin to lose its elasticity and as a result leads to the premature development of lines and wrinkles. It is in the best interest of a person to shift to whole-grain and multi-grain foods as they slowly release sugar into the blood and prevent the body from preparing high levels of insulin by keeping blood glucose levels from spiking.

Tip: Replace all white breads, and fast foods with whole and healthy grains.

7 Foods That Damage Your Skin #5: Sugar

Sugar may be sweet to taste, but is not so sweet when it comes to skin. The sugar consumed in beverages like tea, coffee and desserts is very harmful to the skin. The intake of sugar causes the skin to go through premature ageing. In addition to premature ageing, sugar also increases your risk of developing a skin infection.  Replacing sugar and desserts with natural sweeteners like fruits, and honey that satisfy your taste buds without damaging your skin and other organs.

Tip: Replace sugar with honey when possible.

7 Foods That Damage Your Skin #6: Carbonated Drinks

Saviors of the summer, carbonated drinks come with a very high sugar content. Consumption of carbonated drinks results in a glucose spike, and in turn can lead to the development of acne and even cause premature ageing. Carbonated drinks are not so good to consume anyways, they come loaded with a lot of calories and are of zero nutritive value. Carbonated drinks can give you a general feeling of being unwell.

Tip: Replace your favorite carbonated drinks with fresh fruit juices, there are plenty.

7 Foods That Damage Your Skin #7: Caffeine

Last but not the least, it may offend the coffee lovers, this may have your eyes widened a bit too. Frequent consumption of coffee can lead to certain skin damages. The caffeine present in coffee dehydrates the skin, making it seem dry. Consuming excessive amounts of caffeine also accelerates the process of skin ageing. Coffee can very well give you a sleepless night, when consumed late in the evening; this action of caffeine will only aggravate your current skin problems.

Tip: How about replacing your coffee with a cup of green tea. Green tea not only hydrates your skin but also gives you an extra boost of antioxidants, and other natural benefits.

Now that you know about the foods that actually damage your skin, more than benefitting it, try to avoid the consumption of such foods, and switch to a healthier diet.

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