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Retino A- Tretinoin is the clinical answer to the treatment of Acne. The wonder cream works  wonders in treating the skin and also renovate the skin amazingly. The presence of vitamin A in Retino A- Tretinoin is the reason behind the skin correcting properties of the cream. The cream is widely used to heal scars, treat and reduce the presence of fine wrinkles and scaled skin marks. Regular use of the cream smoothens the skin, and keeps the problem of acne at bay.

The cream reduces the amount and effect of acne pimples, and provides speedy treatment to heal pimples that occur on the surface of the skin. Retino A- Tretinoin Cream belongs to the family of retinoids.  Best acne treatment

You are required to apply the cream regularly, or as suggested by your doctor. Your acne may get aggravated during the initial use of he cream, but the redness will fade off within a few days. In the case that the aggravation doesn’t get back to normal, stop using the cream and consult your doctor mmediately. The U.S FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION (FDA) has approved the use of Retino A- Tretinoin Cream for the treatment of Acne.

Manufacturer: Johnson & Johnson

HYDROQUINONE – Tretinoin Cream

Hydroquinone Tretinoin Cream lightens the dark patches on the surface of the skin. The super cream also serves as a magnificent treatment of melasma, age spots, liver spots, freckles. Hyperpigmentation, and other symptoms caused by the intakeof hormonal medications, eg consumption of contraceptive pills, and hormone replacement therapy are also cured by the use of hydroquinone tretinoin cream. Hydroquinone works by stopping the process in the skin which leads to discoloration and lightens the dark patches on the skin. Hydroquinone trtinoin cream is among the acne treatments s approved by United States (FDA).

Manufacturer: Abbott Healthcare

SUPATRET GEL – Retin A Cream

Supatret – Retin A cream is formulated with an active component known as Tretinoin. The ingredient is extensively used in the treatment of acne. Supatret gel is used for the treatment of peeling of affected skin. Apart from acne treatment, the gel also unclogs the pores in the skin. The wonder has many uses.

  • Supatret gel is also used as a anti wrinkle cream. 
  • It is used to cure black heads and white heads.
  • It is holds back the formation of wrinkles on the skin.

The FDA approved cream helps the skin to be clean,  smooth and away from other skin conditions like acne.

Manufacturer: Sun Pharma


Tazarotene gel is used in the treatment of acne. The gel is also used in the treatment of psoriasis. The gel works by reducing the inflammation, it does so, by acting on retinoic acid receptors in the dermis. Tazarotene gel is approved by U.S FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION (FAD).Tazarotene gel contains  active components that induce the properties of Vitamin A in the skin. Tazarotene gel when applied to the skin changes into the active form, and transforming Tazarotene gel to active form is known as hydrolysis. The gel boosts the renewal process of skin and it lightens the skin .  Apart from treating acne, Tazarotene gel significantly reduces the effect of spots which are caused due to acne.

Buy Tazarotene gel online to reduce scaling of the skin and plaques, curing the redness of skin.

Tazarotene gel also heals the skin damaged by sunlight, fine wrinkles and dark patches on the skin.

Manufacturer: Glenmark

CLINDAMYCIN  Gel– Clean your Skin.

Clindamycin gel works as an antibiotic agent, and fights malignant bacteria in the body. Clindamycin gel is used in the treatment of severe skin infections caused by bacterial growth.

The wonder gel is also used to for the treatment of conditions that are not listed in the medication guide.

The cream works by blocking the ribosomes of microorganisms. It is among the best, and most common treatments for acne. The generic gel is also useful in treating other of infections of the skin. The healing properties of Clindamycin gel have gotten it a position on the list of World Health Organization of essential medicines. Clindamycin is the most medication needed in basic health system. Apart from skin conditions, clindamycin is also used to treat dental infections, joint and bone infections. Also, note that Clindamycin gel is approved by United States (FDA).

Manufacturer: USV LTD 

ADAPALENE – DIFFERIN The Best Acne Treatment

Adapalene- Differin cream is the best acne treatment online. Apart from the treatment of acne, the cream treats pimplesblackheads, and whiteheads occurring out of acne vulgaris of the face. Adapalene- Differin cream also aides in the treatment of acne vulgaris occurring on the chest and back.  The cream effectively soothes the inflamed, painful and deep acne cysts, and provides relief to the user. The cream prevents the pores on the skin from getting clogged, hence, preventing the occurrence of problems like pimples and spots. The cream works effectively in clearing the skin from spots and marks that may occur over a period of time. The cream eradicates and also helps the formation of new acne in the future. Adapalene- Differin cream belongs to the family of retinoids, and is a generic form of the best treatment for acne.

Manufacturer: Galderma


Benzoyl peroxide (Benzac AC) is an organic compound that belongs to the peroxide family. It consists of two benzoyl groups bridged by a peroxide link. Benzoyl peroxideworks wonders in treatment of acne, as it has a mild peeling effect which breaks down the protein (keratin) in skin cells that tend to block the pores, making it easier for them shed. Not only does benzoyl peroxide unblock pores, but also kills the acne causing (P.acnes) bacteria in the skin. The compound helps sebum and dead skin cells to be expelled from the pores in the skin. Benzoyl peroxide is used as an acne treatment, for improving flour, for bleaching hair and teeth, for polymerising polyester and many other uses.

Manufacturer : Galderma


Cetaphil Moisturizing lotion is used widely in the treatment of acne, by people all over the world. The moisturizing lotion is recommended by leading dermatologists, this is because of its healing and moisturizing properties.

Cetaphil moisturizing lotion can be used topically on the face, and surface of the body. It works wonders in treating sensitive, dry and other mild skin problems related to acne. The specialty of Cetaphil skin moisturizer is that it provides long term for skin hydration and helps to restore and prevent the natural nutrients that protect the skin. Because of its effective use dermatologists recommend it internationally as it shows great results in softening and moisturizing your skin.

Manufacturer: Galderma

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