Cure Vitiligo With Monobenzone

If you are planning to use Monobenzone for skin bleaching and lightening or if you have already started using Monobenzone then immediately put an end to it as it is meant only for Vitiligo patients. Wondering what is Vitiligo?

Vitiligo is nothing but a skin disease wherein the human body starts killing all the melanocytes that are responsible for producing the skin color pigment thereby turn your skin into complete white patches. Vitiligo is a disease that can occur in both men and women after the age of 20 irrespective of ethnicity and color of the skin. This disease is generally found to occur in about 1 among 100 people and the cause for it is not clearly known as it could be due to autoimmune abnormality, genetically issues or any other environmental issues.

Monobenzone is nothing but a de-pigmentation cream to treat extreme cases of Vitiligo under situations where the white patches on skin are very large to be treated for re-pigmentation. Here are some important facts one must know about Monobenzone:

  1. The effects of Monobenzone are impulsive and it is not yet known that it results in effective de-pigmentation or not.
  2. The working of Monobenzone is not yet known to the scientists completely and it is still being researched.
  3. Monobenzone is considered as a very effective way out for patients suffering from Vitiligo.

Monobenzone vs. Hydroquinone

People who are keen on seeing effective results when it comes to Skin Lightening often make the biggest mistake of their life by thinking that Monobenzone is a step ahead of Hydroquinone in enhancing the process of skin lightening. This thought is proven to be completely wrong as there is no comparison to be made between Monobenzone and Hydroquinone or between Monobenzone and any other lightening substance.

Monobenzone should not be mistaken to a skin lightener but it has its own class unlike all other skin lighteners present in the market. People generally mistaken themselves with comparison between Monobenzone and Hydroquinone because Monobenzone is known as the ‘monobenzyl ether of hydroquinone’ hence having similar chemical structure and belong to the family of phenols. Nevertheless there is day and night difference between the effects of Monobenzone and Hydroquinone on human skin.

Treating Vitiligo with Monobenzone

Vitiligo patients may attain pigment free skin with prolonged usage of Monobenzone for at least 2 years. Due to the unpredictable effects of Monobenzone, it is even difficult for patients suffering from Vitiligo to maintain even skin tone. There is very much possibility for the pigmentation to reappear when the follicular reservoirs start the production of melanin after few years.

Monobenzone –A Big NO for Non Vitiligo Patients

If any non Vitiligo patients continue to use high concentration of Monobenzone (near about 20%) for long period of time as a Skin Bleaching agent then there will be a time when he or she will have to visit a dermatologist as novel Vitiligo patient because it is next to impossible to reverse the side effects caused by Monobenzone on normal human skin.

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