Hydroquinone Dangers At a Glance

Hydroquinone USP 4 Skin bleaching cream has been into existence since quite few years with women having a chasing dream for beauty on the aspects of skin whitening. Nevertheless, it is to be understood that any of Hydroquinone based creams or skin whitening Cream that people take for lightening skin blemishes pose various Hydroquinone dangers. In this article, we will take a deep walk through on the various Hydroquinone dangers associated with the use of Hydroquinone 10 Cream, Hydroquinone 8 Cream, Hydroquinone 4 Cream or any other Hydroquinone based cream or gel for that matter of fact.

Before we jump onto understanding in detail about Hydroquinone dangers, one needs to understand that Hydroquinone is a very popular, toxic and active ingredient which is being used in most of the Skin Whitening and Skin Bleaching creams nowadays. It would be surprising to know that apart from being used as a Skin Bleaching agent, Hydroquinone has been widely used for manufacturing plastics, developing photos and so forth. Most of the people are very happy with the effective outcomes of Hydroquinone 4, Hydroquinone 20, Hydroquinone 10 and all other compositions of hydroquinone based creams for skin whitening but have they ever thought of the various long term threats it can pose to human life. Studies conducted have proven that prolonged usage of Hydroquinone cream can lead to Hydroquinone cancer. With so many Hydroquinone side effects, most of the countries such as Australia, South Africa, UK and Japan have put a ban on the usage of this medicine whereas Hydroquinone still continues to gain its importance in US.

Most of the dermatologist suggests people not to use Hydroquinone if they have brown skin for the reason that it can damage the nerves of the skin again resulting in hyper pigmentation for treating which it was actually being used. Hydroquinone as a bleaching agent functions by blocking some of the enzyme reactions that take place within the derma cells. The main motive to block the enzyme reaction is that it will cut down the production of melanin which is a natural process of the dermis layer. Melanin pigment is responsible for adding color to your skin and Hydroquinone will ensure that it lightens the darkened color given by the melanin pigment.

However, if Hydroquinone cream is used as prescribed then probability of the possible Hydroquinone dangers is reduced to a great extent. After the ban on the products with more than 2% of Hydroquinone and people becoming more aware it has become difficult to find Hydroquinone creams legally. The creams based out of Hydroquinone actually contain Mercury which can actually result in liver or kidney damage. It has as well been proved that Hydroquinone causes disfiguring of the skin which is popularly known as Ochronosis. Ochronosis is a condition in which bumps appear on the skin and it develops grayish brown spots. A most common and probable side effect that can be seen with the prolonged usage of  Hydroquinone is that when one stops the application of hydroquinone based creams  all the melanin cells that were suppressed with its usage  possibly will go haywire and result in more pigmentation than you had previously.

With so many side effects ,still most of the skin care companies continue to produce Hydroquinone, chemists and dermatologists recommend the usage of this cream in US, what hinders one’s mind is that are they not on familiar terms with the advancements in skin formulas which are safe and effective. The answer to this question still repents in dilemma and it could possibly be may be or may not be. It is the individuals who need to think before they start using Hydroquinone Cream for skin whitening because the skin care companies are merely money hungry organizations who want to reap huge gains by manufacturing inferior, cheap and harmful products. The reason behind this is that the skin care companies they take natural ingredients and convert them into toxic substances as it helps them produce greater yield at a cheaper price.

Does it imply one must not to use Hydroquinone?

If you are in a confused state that with so many hydroquinone dangers and side effects, one must stop using hydroquinone or continue its usage. It is advised that use Skin Lightening Hydroquinone creams that contain very less hydroquinone content i.e. less than 2% of hydroquinone and that too for little interval of time so as to cut down on its side effects and after effects of prolonged usage. If you happen to use stronger concentrations of Hydroquinone for longer time then the probability of being a victim of Hydroquinone cancer is very much high leading to severe pigmentation issues. One can easily buy Hydroquinone over the counter provided  the concentration level of Hydroquinone is less than 2% ,however if want creams with higher concentration levels of Hydroquinone then you need to have a valid prescription from a health care expert.

Despite the fact that till date there is no physical evidence that it can result in Hydroquinone Cancer amongst humans, definitely one might not want to risk their life by taking a chance. So, if you are in need of skin lightening creams for prolonged usage then it is suggested that better opt for hydroquinone free skin lightening creams so as to avoid its side effects. However, if your skin is still in need of Hydroquinone creams then ensure that you do this under the guidance of a certified skin dermatologist who can help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of using it as per your skin tone.

Hydroquinone Alternatives

After having understood in detail about Hydroquinone dangers, if you are on the hunt for some effective alternative to Hydroquinone cream then do take a look at Kojic acids, Alpha Arbutin, Azelaic Acids, Hydroxyl acids and any other Vitamin C based products for skin lightening as all these ingredients are said to be effective in producing desired results as that of Hydroquinone. Remember to stay miles away from steroids and mercury for skin lightening as they are a big NO.

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